About 7islands

Zakynthos is a jewel of the Ionian Sea. Apart from the natural beauty of the island, the geographical location and the favorable climate result in the production of agricultural products of exceptional quality. Based on the experience in the products of our place since 2002, we have adopted the philosophy and vision of 7islands.

Philosophy & Vision

Our philosophy is after scientific research, hard work and continuous development, to create everyday products of superior quality. The vision of 7islands is to announce the values ​​of our place, to announce and establish our extra virgin olive oil all over the world and to reward our consumers with the quality of our products.

All this is achieved by combining our knowledge for the collection of quality olives and the modern olive oil standardization facilities that we have. With faith in our work, patience and dedication, we bring to your table 2 new lines of extra virgin olive oil from the island of Zakynthos, Zante natura, and 7islands.


Knowledge, passion, dedication

Macherado, 29092, Zakynthos, Greece
Tel.: 0030-2695033316 - 0030-6945697929